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I am “a phone call or email away.” I regularly attend or participate in public activities and events in an effort to be even more accessible. I will maintain regular office hours each week as part of an open door policy and seek constituent contact and input in other forms as well.

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Much like constantly putting oil in a car with a significant leak doesn’t repair the engine, spending more money into a fundamentally flawed DOT and State Infrastructure Bank isn’t the way to solve our long-term infrastructure needs and day-to-day infrastructure maintenance needs. We need to do a real analysis on our cost per mile of construction and maintenance as compared with similar states and adjust our system accordingly. We have to find innovative ways to shorten the time between funding and shovel ready. The DOT needs to be reformed and made accountable to an executive. The State Infrastructure Bank needs to be placed under full DOT control and major infrastructure expenditures should be funded based on actual need as well as the economic benefit of the part of the state requesting the funds, not legislative politics. Horry will not only get our fair share in a system like this, we will thrive.

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Regulation Sunset: Enact the practice of an automatic sunset or need for renewal for all new regulations and regulatory statutes.
Legislative Agility: Enables fast track legislation that facilitates innovative industries’ operations.
Economic Development ROI: Recruitment and incentive packages must have their primary consideration be return on investment for taxpayers

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A government that facilitates private sector growth and spends tax dollars frugally will have the resources to effectively deliver its core services without raising taxes. We need a fairer, flatter income tax system in the short term. In the long term, through the proper amount of re-prioritization, waste elimination, and planning we need to eliminate the state income tax all together. As we compete with other states for industry and retirees, we need this advantage over our bordering states to attract high-paying jobs.

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As a conservative I believe increased taxes are always a last resort. We should re-prioritize the way we budget using a zero/performance-based system. Departments and agencies should be scrutinized for all of their spending and results rather than simply defending their annual request of an increase. I would also like to see a business-like approach to eliminating waste, fraud, and abuse. If we provide personal financial incentives to state employees and those who supervise them to identify unnecessary spending and recommend cost-saving measures, they will. It’s the old “innovation comes from the factory floor” tradition that has helped make America great. No one would argue that government is different than business, but the concept of providing better service for less cost needs to become an integral part of spending taxpayer dollars.

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I believe that small business is the lifeblood of our state economy and should be encouraged to create jobs for our citizens. Tort reform focused on protecting small business owners from frivolous litigation should be prioritized by the General Assembly.

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Our school system has for too long been defined by spending and not by results. True school choice will put parents back in charge. In a system where the money follows the child, the free market is allowed to function. Putting students and results first allows for better opportunities for all of our state’s children. Real school choice returns power to teachers by ensuring that tax money ends up in the classroom where it belongs bypassing unnecessary bloated administration and bureaucracy.


Local Leadership – Decisions on education are best when made from the ground up. Local leaders, parents, and teachers are better equipped to make classroom-based decisions and should be consulted when it comes to legislative action on the direction of our classrooms and curriculum.
Classroom Focus – We need to focus education dollars on classrooms, retain good teachers, and empower local leaders as well as parents.
Leader in Technology – Technology is key to global preparedness and statewide expansion of educational opportunity. In this fast-paced environment, our students can’t afford to fall behind. Technological advances help streamline administration, improve education personalization, and deliver better, more marketplace relevant results.
Alternative Career Paths – College-bound students deserve to be prepared for the next level, but at the same time, those not headed to a four-year college must be trained for the skilled or technical jobs currently available or prepared for the additional training that community colleges/technical schools provide.


Common Core – I believe that Common Core and other one-size fits all top-down educational standards or Federal mandates are attempts to influence education by circumventing the authority of parents and elected school board members and should be opposed vigorously.

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As an outdoorsman and NRA life member, I know first hand how the right to bear arms is an integral part of our American culture and tradition. As a fan of the Constitution, I understand the rationale and reasoning for this amendment and its role in insuring and protecting the remainder of our constitutional rights. I’m also honored to be the only candidate in the House 106 race to receive a full “A” rating from the NRA.

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I believe that life begins at conception and ends at natural death. In the state legislature, I will fight to preserve and strengthen laws to protect life. Cutting adoption-related red tape/costs will have a major effect on increasing the quality of life for children in need of a loving family and could decrease abortions by creating a larger pool of families eligible to adopt.


SC Citizens for Life 100% Pro-Life Survey Rating


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Government is a necessary evil, but we must always work to keep it restrained because it prefers to grow. The Founders believed that government’s most critical responsibility is to respect life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. My goal as an elected official will be two-fold. One, keep government small, always working to decentralize responsibility to the governmental unit closest to the people and two, keep government efficient, only operating in the enumerated areas that its creating or authorizing documents prescribe.

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Independent investigation and prosecution is fundamental in our rule of law system, and I don’t believe in a legislature that’s above the rule of law. I believe the ethics reform package passed by the state house this year (especially increasing income disclosure, independent investigation, bans on leadership PACs, public posting of meeting agendas, FOIA expansion, and whistle-blower protection) represents a significant step forward.

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-Strict enforcement of existing state and national laws – no sanctuary cities
-Fully prosecute all illegals charged with crimes if they are not deported.

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